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Located about four miles southeast of Mount Juliet, Tennessee in Wilson County.

The first record of the Church that was found, reads as follows….


“The following persons herein named, being members of the Baptist Church of Christ, at Big Cedar Lick, (now Mount Olivet at Leeville, Tennessee), upon their petition presented to that body, for the purpose of being dismissed, and form themselves into a separate body for their convenience, accordingly, at their August meeting 1821, they were dismissed for the purpose aforesaid, (To wit), John H. Legon, John Curd, Reuben Searcy, Isham F. Davis, Obediah Lumpkin, Allen Clemmings, William L. Clemmings, William Drennon, Mary McManaway, Ann McManaway, Sally Davis, Elizabeth Legon, Martha Shepperd, Sally Cawthon, Rachel S. Davis, Sally Moore, Martha Curd, Nancy Curd, Penelope Barton, Sally Lane, Polley Thompson, Elizabeth Curd, Jane Shepperd, Polley Speckerd, Lydia Baird, Rebecca Martin, the whole amounting to twenty-six in number, and on Saturday preceding the First Lord’s Day in September 1821, the aforesaid brethren convened at Rutland Meeting House for the purpose of Divine Service, and to arrange their business for to be constituted.  Accordingly it was resolved that the following Elders should be requested to attend at the place aforesaid on the Saturday preceding the First Lord’s Day in October 1821 (October 6, 1821) - (To wit) Elders John Jones, Elijah Maddox, Peter Fuqua, Edward Willis, and John Dew.  According to the request of the aforesaid dismissed persons, the Elders above named, attended at the time and place, and formed themselves into a Presbytery, Elder Jones chosen the moderator of the same.  The following constitution which were previously draughted by a committee appointed by the body that were about to come a constitution were read and some small amendments were made and received by the Church and Presbytery, which reads as follows (To wit) - We, whose names are hereunto annexed, died in a solemn”…



A line of strong thunderstorms spawned several EF3 tornadoes in Mount Juliet, Tuesday morning, March 3rd, 2020, including one that caused significant damage to the Rutland Baptist Church.

The storm hit at about 2:00 a.m., destroying multiple buildings and homes in the area, leaving thousands without power.

The historical all-Black Rutland Elementary School and the outdoor Pavilion buildings were among the damaged structures.

The congregation is thankful no one was inside the church when the winds ripped it apart.

When it came time for Sunday services we were invited to fellowship with CORONA FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH by its Pastor, Bishop Bobby Sanders.


"We will rebuild.

We've got a good church here."

"It'll be a testimony of God."

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